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Travel China It will Change your life Forever

Travel-the-Real-China.com aims to bring you China Travel information and advice on how to enjoy special experiences to take back home...when you Travel-the-Real-China. 

Seeing and experiencing the Real China will change your life, the sights, the sounds, the people, the amazing food. 

When you come to China, you will want to see and appreciate the Real China…the Old China... at its authentic best… as well as experience the New Modern China

All this takes planning.

When you do plan your trip, the experiences of your China Travel vacation will touch you in a way that will remain with you for a lifetime.

Design your very own trip, to your own needs and requirements...

I price all my trips for all my clients at local prices, not at international agent prices.
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The China Travel Service industries and city development are all moving at an extraordinary pace. Finding the real China is getting harder to uncover and experience.

There are many, many China International Travel websites; local Chinese/English Travel sites all about Travel to China, Travel in China, Travel across China etc. Most have mountains of hard-to-find information written to bring you to their tours, accommodations and tied businesses.

My goal is to keep it simple; provide you with travel information that is not usually easy to find, will create genuine surprise and delight, and make help and assistance readily available.

The major cultural tour destinations when you travel China are Beijing, the Great Wall of China, Xian, Guilin and the Yangtze River.

Shanghai for example, is the power-house money-making engine for China, a major modern city that can be compared to the very best of cities anywhere in the world. Yet, as the financial centre of China with rapid re-development, Shanghai provides few true cultural experiences. Shanghai having around 20 million people and developing fast, everyday it is getting harder to find and feel the experience of the Real China.

But, if you know where to look, only a few hours from Shanghai by bus or train, Travel-the-real-China can find for you the most elegant and amazing examples of authentic and ancient China.

Hi I’m John...I'm from New Zealand and I live and work in the big smoke of Shanghai and I have been here now for 5 years. As an English speaking foreigner, I know where to look to discover the Real China, the China which may not be pretty enough, nor fast enough, nor slick enough for many modern tour operators. My goal is to provide you with specialist China travel advice and the best available travel information.

Whether you require advice about travel tours of China, independent China travel, obtaining a Travel Visa for China, China Travel Insurance, Railway Travel in China, or even if you want to journey across China, I can help.

Travel-The-Real-China is unique in China tourism for being "beside you all the way" continually available throughout your trip for resolution of any difficulties you may encounter. Our trusted travel planning & support network combined with a team of specially selected Chinese agents makes this possible. 

I can also provide China travel tips and destination suggestions with up-to-date information on travel conditions for where you wish to go.

I first came to China about 13 years ago, backpacking around China for three months, "What an adventure!!" I went to as many places as time would permit, North,South ChinaHainan Island, where the country and the people were so fascinating it changed my life.

On this trip and over the past five years, I have learned not all things are as we expect them to be when you Travel China; good planning and information are required before you set out on your China journey.

Travelling in China - a word or two about what to expect

I wish to share my knowledge & passion for China Travel so I hope this site becomes like a China Travel brochure so you can also share in the passion, the wonder of China and its people. Travel-The-Real-China is committed to ensuring you have the most exciting and satisfying China Travel experience.

Please read and enjoy,

Take Care... Happy Holidays



PS I have a trusted travel network in place; I can be of help.


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