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The Paradise of the South Yangshuo China

Yangshuo China is regarded as one of the more beautiful places in China and, if you have the time, a necessary part of any China vacation. Located in the north-eastern part of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Yangshuo is about 70 km (40 miles) south of Guilin and is under the jurisdiction of the city of Guilin. It has a population of about 300,000, made up of different ethnic groups such as Han, Zhuang, Yao, Hui. The weather in Yangshuo is subtropical, with an annual average of about 19 C (66 F).

So. overall Yangshuo is a perfect place to visit all year round. However the best times are Spring and Autumn, Summer being very hot and the Winter just a little cool.

Yangshuo China has a history going back 1400 years in which the people here have created their own distinct culture, such as the long drum dance, the Cai Diao opera, and dragon and lion dances. In addition to the fabulous natural scenery, garden relics, historical architecture, ancient bridges, stone carvings, this place has it all.

Things to do, places to see

Yangshuo China is a place to enjoy the outdoors, with long walks by the river, even cruise the river, or climb a mountain (the views are worth it), go swimming, or rafting, or go for great bike rides. Or just relax and enjoy the scenery.

Some special sites are

LI River, - Winding its way around the karst peaks, the Li River has to be one of the most striking rivers in China. I would class the Li River as spectacular as a trip on the more famous Yangtze River. There are many ways you can enjoy the river. For example, Government approved and licensed boats. These begin their journey from Bamboo wharf near Guilin. The trip takes around 4-5 hours and lunch is normally included.

Another interesting way to see the river is on a local farmer’s boat. These are cheap and the boats hold fewer people. On these craft you get a better appreciation of being right down on the river, and understand size of the karst peaks around you. These boats normally operate between Yangdi and Xingping, which is regarded as the most spectacular part of the Li River. The cruise takes about 2-3 hours. Another way of seeing the Li River is to take a hike from Yangdi to Xingping. The local government has set up an entrance fee, which covers the cost of access to the area plus the charge for 3 local ferries to take you across the Li River when the path on one side ends and continues on the other side. The hike takes about 4 hours. There are now several restaurants along the way where you can pick up lunch and drinks.

Yu Long River and Bridge - This tributary of the Li River is much smaller, but has some spectacular scenery of its own. Most tourist traffic on this river is on small bamboo rafts. Swimming is also a popular activity on this river, where there are several swimming holes. Swimming here is safer than on the Li River as there is a smaller current and it is not as deep. Several bike rides and hikes also follow the Yu Long River taking in local villages and rice paddies. These can be some of the most memorable days on your Yangshuo China experience.

The Bridge – is a 400-year-old bridge located in a beautiful setting. It is also the point for taking bamboo raft rides.

You can get here easily on a bike taking in small towns on the banks on the Yu Long River. A bike ride along here is a wonderful day out in the country.

This bridge is worth a visit, especially by bike. There is a very good village road leading from Yangshuo to the bridge, and you will ride through small villages and past rice paddies and then follow the banks of the Yu Long River.

A very special day out.

To top a wonderful morning’s ride you could then take a relaxing bamboo raft trip down the river, which takes about four hours.

Moon Hill - This is one of Yangshuo China's most visited sights; this karst peak obtains its name from the crescent-shaped fissure that pierces the peak.

Moon Hill can be climbed, which takes about an hour, and you step up a stone staircase rising through bamboo and brambles to the summit, from where the sights are really beautiful - the Li River valley spread out before you, fields cut into uneven terraces of rice and vegetable plots.

There are many more great sites and sounds, things to do, in and around Yangshuo China, too many to detail here.

If you love the outdoors, this is a place to visit.

Here is a basic Yangshuo China Map that may come in handy.

Yangshou China Hotels

Accommodation can be found in backpacker, hostel, home stay, 2 star, 3 star hotels. However the rooms are clean and the view incredible. If you would like to stay a few days and enjoy a slice of heaven drop me a line.

Personal, Local Service

I have an Australian friend who lives and runs the Buffalo Bar and Restaurant in Yangshuo China. He serves great food, fine wine and nice cold beer.

He has been living there for over 4 years now and knows all the great out of the way places to see.

Alf has been living in this area for over 4 years now and knows all the great out-of-the-way places to visit.

So, if you want a very special holiday, or just a few days away in some spectacular Chinese countryside, Contact me - More info - Yangshou China.

I am sure that between Alf & me, we can organise a special tour to suit your needs, so that when you return from Yangshuo China, you will really feel you have encountered and enjoyed this beautiful part of the real China.

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