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Beautiful Lakes, Clean Air Travel China Hangzhou

Hangzhou being only 2 hours from Shanghai is a must to see and appreciate. Hangzhou would be one of the top 10 tourist locations in China; this area has a sense of peace and calm surrounding it.

Hangzhou city, is very well set up and has millions of visitors every year, good walk ways, Classical Gardens, Mountain Hideaways, Ancient Temples, Boat Trips, this place has it all.

A walk around the lake could take all day, with many sites and sounds to appreciate. When you have had enough, stop for a coffee or a Traditional tea by the lake, there is more than enough to keep you as busy or a lazy as you wish.

There are some real great places to see up in the mountains outside of Hangzhou.

Myself and a friend of mine went exploring as we had heard about some impressive sites, that only the Chinese get to see, as the infrastructure is not yet set up for Western tourists.

White Horse Cliff, Lao Dui Xi (a great walk though a canyon and along the river), and Da Ming Mountain; this mountain is said to be as good as Huangshan (Yellow Mountain). Have a look it was a great adventure.

Hangzhou is great place to spend a few days away from the hustle and bustle and dirty air of Shanghai .

The most efficient and best way to see Hangzhou is to arrange a tour, the cost is not so much and this way you can be guaranteed to get a hotel, this place gets very busy.

However for Independent Travel China, Hangzhou is easily reached from Shanghai by train or bus.

Plan for a day or so to just go wondering, its well worth it, this city is easy to get around and is tourist friendly.

Enjoy Hangzhou… is a great place.

Please contact me if you need more info on Hangzhou

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