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Zhujiajiao, Shanghai A little Treasure

Zhujiajiao, is just an hour by bus from Shanghai. Its easy to get to and it’s a great place to just get away from the city and have a nice lunch overlooking the river.

Zhujiajiao is an ancient Chinese water town; this means it has a history with the canals and Waterways that surround it; beautiful old Temples, Shops and Buildings.

If you go through the from gate, you will need to pay 10RMB entrance fee, do not pay anything until you get to the tourist office gate, there a group of guys trying to get a fee as soon as you get off the bus and start to walk to the town. Ignore them.

Once you get through the gate there are a lot of commercial shops, this is usual, there are some nice unusual crafts that you do not see in Shanghai. What’s best is there is a great variety of different types and styles of food to try before you buy.

Once you have done all the commercial stuff and get further away from the centre of town, you will see all the smaller allies where the residents still live.

These allies are great to wonder around and because everyone lives so close to each other, you can often see right into there homes, the locals are used to it by now and if they do not try to sell you something, there will just ignore you.

In the summer the older generation sit out in the sun along the canals, play cards and chatting, this really adds to the feel and character of the place. Go for a leisurely boat ride, have some lunch by the river, Zhujiajiao is a great day out from the hustle and bustle of Shanghai, well worth a visit.

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