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Tongli China Beautiful... Magical

Tongli China is one of the few water towns where you can escape large crowds of tourists.

Just 2 hrs hours from Shanghai, it’s a beautiful place for site seeing.

The best place to get a bus directly to Tong Li China,would be the Shanghia Stadium. I bit of a hassle, never-the-less bearable.

Go to Stairs number 2, gate 8… the ticket office has a large green sign over it, you can buy tickets for Tong Li, Wu Zhen, Xi Tang, Zhou Zhuang… it’s a bit of a wresting match.

The ticket from the stadium to all the locations covers the entrance fees to the towns, travel to and from and some of the major sites. Most of the buses leave on the hour and the half hour, to about 10ish then start returning about 3 or 4 pm. Your return time will be on your ticket.

The Tongli bus drops you off in a bus parking area and there is nothing in English to tell you where the town is, this takes some working out.

The town is actually quite far away from the bus park so you end up catching a small electric car there, if you take this little car from the bus parking area, use your Town/Bus ticket and it should be free, if you take the little car from the Car parking area it will cost your RMB 4.

Originally named Fushi, Tongli China is an age-old but very well preserved water township with a history of more than 1,000 years.

Located on the eastern shore of Dianshan lake, just 18 kilometres from Suzhou City , the Tongli China town part is 63 square kilometres in area and has a population of over 33 thousand people. Tongli houses traditional residences built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, an outdoor theatre and more recently a sex museum!

The town is made up of a maze of meandering canals, arched roofs, lofty gables, stone bridges and green willows that line the banks of the canals.

I went over the May Holidays and it was ok, still many people, however not jam-packed as I expected.

I went over the May Holidays and it was ok, still many people, however not jam-packed as I expected.

Its beautiful, lunch by the canal, tress… really, you have to go; it is a wonderful day out.

The best and most hassle free way to see and experience Tongli is to go with a private car and guide.

I can set this up for you and the cost works out to be only a few RMB more than the bus, however with much less hassle.

Contact me about Tongli China, I would be glad to help

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