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Shuhe Old Town  Lijiang

Shuhe Lijiang 2This is situated 4 km northwest of Lijiang city. You can take a cab from Lijiang to Shuhe for 15 RMB there is an entrance fee but if you ask a taxi to take you and pay them an extra RMB 10, they will drop you off around the back or side of the village and then you just walk in.

Shuhe Village was the former city center of Lijiang and has a history of more than 1000 years.

It is protected as "a world culture heritage site" within the larger area of Lijiang Old town and is one of the first settlements of Naxi ancestors.
Shuhe Lijiang 4

In the old days Shuhe was also a very important trading town along the Tea-horse Road that leads to Tibet, the town is famous for its cobblers, with many hand made leather goods sold and made here.
Shuhe was built along the mountainside and faces the river. There are two rivers on each side of it that run through the village, small canals run all through the village which makes for a lovely feel to the place.

Shuhe Lijiang 1
Shuhe has a very different feel to that of Lijiang Old town; it seems more relaxed, a slower pace, its still a commercial village with restaurants, bars, cafés etc all through the town, but all with a nicer feel to that of the bigger faster pace of Lijiang old town.

Shuhe is quite big, its really split into 2 sections giving of different vibes, the newer part with all the new shops, cafés etc and the older section, this still has a large vegetable garden in the middle of it.

It’s a great day trip away from the narrow, confusing lanes of Lijiang Old town, head out here in the morning and enjoy a nice lunch overlooking the veggie garden and enjoy the clean fresh air.
Shuhe Lijiang 3
We stayed and had dinner here; this is also a good idea as all the day trippers are gone and the lanes/streets are quite, good for just wondering peacefully. We went to a local hotel and they got us a taxi back to Lijiang Old town, a lovely peaceful evening.

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