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Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (Yulong Snow Mountain)

The Yulong Snow Mountain is 18 kilometers north of the town of Lijiang.Lijiang Glacier
The highest peak, Shanzidou, 5,569 meters high, together with another 13 peaks which run 35 kilometers from the south to the north, these are believed to look like a giant crystal jade dragon and thus get the name of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

The glacier, which is the most southerly glacier in the Northern Hemisphere is about 4600m above sea level and is quite a sight.

If you go up in the winter its usually clear blue sky’s so the mountains and peaks look amazing. In the summer months (the rainy or cloudy season) the mountains peaks are hard to see, but it’s still a good trip up.

Please note if you go up to the Glacier, if pays to take an oxygen bottle with you, these can be purchased in town and cost around RMB 30 to 40, its just to be safe as it’s a rather high altitude
Yunshan Lawn Lijiang China If you have family and you do not want to go up to the high altitude of the Glacier, the Mountain meadow is a great alternative (3200m) its called “Yunshan Lawn” and its lovely up there, with a nice walk through the forest to get to the meadow, in the spring and summer months the meadow is a lush green color with many azaleas and rhododendrons around it.
What is worth doing on the day you go out to the mountain is go see the “Lijiang Impressions” show, this is a great show and very spectacular, the best way to arrange the day is to see the show in the morning , then head up to the mountain as its all in the same area.

Click here for more info on the Lijiang Impressions show

Note - The food up at the cable car points is just so so, it is a Chinese lunch box style, so take food for lunch if this is not to your liking

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