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Black Dragon Pool

Lijinag Black Dragon Pool 3

This park is situated just at the foot of the Elephant Hill, which is about a mile north of the Old Town., it’s easy to get to, just head for the old town north gate and keep walking following the water.

It is also called Jade Spring Park, within the park; you can find several traditional structures with their own unique and fascinating stories.

It is believed that the gods of the Naxi people are living in the chestnut woods, beside the mouth of springs, behind the carved doors and below the bridges. Lijinag Black Dragon Pool 1

The springs come from the god-protected mountains and gather in this place and finally form the dragon pool.

To the south of the pool is a small waterfall and becomes the Yuhe River, pouring life to the Old Town.

It’s a lovely old Chinese park with plenty of character, and on a clear day you can see the mountain, even in the winter we saw plenty of winter flowers and color.

Lijinag Black Dragon Pool 2It’s free to get it, but you must have paid the RMB 80 “Lijiang Old Town maintenance fee” and have the ticket, or you will have to pay the maintenance fee again.

On the walk up from the north gate, there is a good coffee shop owned by a Norwegian guy, good coffee and cakes

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