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Panda Paradise Chengdu China

Chengdu China: has a population of about 10 million, it ranks only 58th on the list of Chinese cities, but the city's place in history makes it much more important than that.

Chengdu has been inhabited for almost 5000 years, all the way back to China's Bronze Age. It was the capital of a couple of different ancient kingdoms. Then the Qin Dynasty brought the city into the Chinese realm in 316 BC.

During the Tang Dynasty, it was home to some of China's most famous poets. And During the Song Dynasty Chengdu China became the birthplace of the paper money; the first paper money used anywhere in the world was introduced there in the late 10th Century.

Within Chengdu City, there are the usual temples, attractions etc; however, its the great food and the Panda’s everyone comes to see.

Chengdu China is also the main jump off point for entry into Tibet If you do like Sichuan-style food, you're in for a treat. Chengdu China offers a variety of culinary delights: Stop by a snack bar for spicy sesame noodles or dumplings in hot chili oil; hit the restaurants for tea-smoked duck or crispy rice with pork in a tangy lychee sauce; and don't leave town without trying a "hot pot" - do-it-yourself Chinese fondues. Street vendors sell pieces of meat and vegetables on skewers, which they let you fry in a large wok filled with hot pepper oil. It's a tasty midday snack.

Be careful here, you will see dog on the menu and at the, especially in winter. (It's easy enough to avoid dog restaurants - you'll see the carcasses hanging in the front windows.)

If you can still bring yourself to eat, hehehehe…..you might want to relax at a local teahouse, where you'll find chess players, storytellers and, if you're lucky, a teahouse opera performance (a traditional Chinese opera presented by plainclothes performers).

He is a very basic Chengdu City map that may come in handy.

Things to see

• The Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center in the northern part of the city.

• The Provincial Museum and the Sanxingdui Museum are worth visiting for their amazing Shu/Ba bronze humanoid figures.

• One of the nicest spots in Chengdu China is a large bamboo park around the thatched cottage of Du Fu (AD 712-770), a poet. He and Li Bo were the most celebrated of the poets of the Tang dynasty. Du Fu was more of an traditionalist, where as Li Bo, often wrote poetry while drunk. (is said Li died when, drinking one night onboard a boat, he tried to embrace his own moonlit reflection in the water and drowned.)

• Nearby (25 mi/40 km) is the Wolong Panda and Nature Preserve, home to golden monkeys, golden langurs and more than 500 pandas.

You can travel up there and visit the Wolong Panda centre, as well as stay the night, there are some nice hotel up there, it’s a great way to get some fresh air.

• There are a number of Buddhist holy sites near Leshan (85 mi/137 km south of Chengdu). One of the world's largest standing Buddhas (233 ft/71 m tall), carved into the face of a cliff, is a must-see - its big toe alone is 27 ft/8 m long!

The story around the huge statue is that a monk from the Tang Dynasty realized that the river could flood and many people could die, managed to raise money to build this huge statue to save people’s lives. The construction has lasted for 90 years. The tall statue looks calm, peaceful and majestic. It is regarded as a world record-breaking masterpiece and is also the biggest stone crafted statue in the world.

• Mt. Emei, a Buddhist holy pilgrimage site dotted with more than 20 temples (ranging in age from 20 to 1,000 years). it has been noted by the UN as one of the greatest legacies of ancient culture and natural landscape, Emei Mountain is situated 160 kilometers away from the southwest Chengdu. The mountain extends more than 200 kilometers and the epic reaches 3099 meters above sea level.

Chengdu panda

Jiuzhaigou is 450 kilometers away from Chengdu China, this place will rock your world with its beauty, tranquility and poetic charm. Jiuzhaigou is truly a romantic part of China

• There are many beautiful Chinese temples and parks to see within Chengdu.Just a few would be the Wuhou Temple, the Zhaojue Temple, the Flowing-water Garden, the Yongling Ground Tomb, and much more.

• Chengdu China is the main gateway to Tibet, there are daily flights to Lhasa. It's also the last urban outpost before Tibet.

Come enjoy the fresh air and of course the Pandas of Chengdu China... its well worth it.

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