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Belimo Outing – Guilin/Yangshuo

For the 3 day company outing, we decided to travel to Guilin/Yangshuo.

As its not easy to plan a trip for a group of 50 people or more which are spread all over China, we choose to use an old friend of our company, Mr. John McKenna who owns and operates www.Travel-the-Real-China.com

The weekend was all organized, hotel, transport, food, activities etc as best as you can for over 50 persons, however maintained a certain amount of flexibility as well.

Each arriving group was collected from the airport, and taken down to get started on the day’s activities as all arrived at different times.

The first day’s activities were orienteering or rock climbing.

Both were very well planned and were a lot of fun.

Before dinner, we were briefed on the following days schedule and activities, these were

Trekking & 9 Horses Boat
Biking & Moon Hill Visit
Climbing & Tyrolean

Again, everything was perfectly organized. Each one of us was very happy and grateful to have the chance to do something different. Some of us haven't been on the country side before.

On Saturday night, we were taken to see the famous Light Show, which is a must to see when down in this area. It's just amazing!

 There are about 600 men, women and children from different villages from all around Yangshou and the surrounding area within the show. The producer is one of the most famous Chinese stage directors.

The next day, each group had to leave Yangshuo at different times, however all was perfectly planned.

  One group joined a cooking class, which was a great experience, selecting all your raw materials and cooking up a few local Chinese dishes, very tasty and interesting. Some others choose to go kayaking, which also was a lot of fun. Some just wanted to explore around  Yangshou until it was time to leave.

From the beginning until the very last minute, everything was perfectly organized. Each activity served to strengthen our company personal relationships by having fun and participation by all involved.

A well balanced program of activities and leisure time, the food was excellent, the views were incredible.

It's for sure one of the most interesting places to visit in China.

Travel-the-Real-China did a great job and we would recommend them to others anytime.

Ilona Haas

HR Manager


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